Note:  The term “Native” was used during initial translations of the French site, and also to match the terms that are still-used in the Quebec Elementary program. When possible we are transitioning to using other terms, like Indigenous, or simply speaking of the tribe/nation/band/peoples in question. We may also continue to use older terms simply to match the original materials we are still providing.

Cycle 2 SMARTBoard Tools from ETSB:  Native Peoples around 1500

Thanks to the team of Kathy Napier, Emmanuelle Gaudet, Marie-Michèle Fradet, Jody Meacher and board consultant Jean Provencal from Eastern Townships School Board for sharing these very useful tools and teaching strategies.


Interpret a Map of the Native Peoples’ Territory Around 1500

Interprets Illustrated Docs

Interprets Timelines copy

Native Peoples Around 1500 – Comparing Diet

Native Peoples Around 1500 – Seasonal Activities Timeline

Tables and Diagrams


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