The Algonquians travelled a lot because they were nomadic. They usually travelled on water when it was not frozen. Travelling by canoe was a fast and efficient way of moving in the spring, joining the camp in the summer, and returning to the hunting lands in the fall.

Modes of transportation for nomads

The Algonquians developed modes of transportation that were adapted to their way of life. These modes allowed them to move quickly and with ease. Plus, they were light and easily repaired with materials that were readily available. For example, a canoe made of bark was strong enough to carry two adults, two children and 150 kilos of cargo, but light enough to portage, or carry, when needed. The toboggan, which is a type of sled, allowed the Algonquian people to easily transport their belongings on snow during the winter months.

Author: Alexandre Lanoix

Important concepts and big ideas:

Adapt to the environment – S’adapter à l’environnement
Trade Network – réseau de échanges
Nomad – Nomad
Transportation routes – voies de transport

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