Indigenous spirituality often includes the idea that plants, animals and even nature (ex. sun, wind, moon) might have souls.  

« …commonalities among Indigenous spiritual traditions, including the presence of creation stories, the role of tricksters or of supernatural beings in folklore and the importance of sacred organizations. Additionally, traditional ways of life are often intermingled with religion and spirituality. Activities such as hunting, clan membership and other aspects of daily life may often be imbued with spiritual meaning. This article attempts to discuss broadly similar themes and practices, but is by no means exhaustive or authoritative. More specific information may be found through further reading, or the guidance of community elders. »


Spiritualité indigène – Les pratiques spirituelles et les croyances des peuples indigènes. Il existe une grande diversité en termes de spiritualité indigène ; il n’y a pas de pratique spirituelle indigène universelle ou d’ensemble de croyances.