Note: In your opinion, were elections democratic at the time? Why? How were they different from elections today?

Excerpt: “It would be terrifying to know just how many people, since the beginning of these current elections, have sold their votes, perjured themselves or have voluntarily enlisted in the bands of thugs organized to assist this work of corruption and perjury. There was a time when you could find voters who sold their votes and who cared nothing about taking the Lord’s name in vain; but these voters belonged to society’s class of lost souls and they were already marked with a shameful stigma on their forehead. But now, evil has invaded all classes of society; in the cities, even highly regarded merchants sell their votes.  »


Le Courrier du Canada cited in CHARPENTIER, Louise, DUROCHER, René, Christian LAVILLE, Paul-André LINTEAU. Nouvelle histoire du Québec et du Canada, Montréal, CEC, 1990, p.251.