Note:   In 1937, at the dawn of World War II, was communism the biggest threat to Quebec society?


“We want to reach communism at its source,  because it would destroy, if victorious, our most important asset, which is faith […]

The day that communism would triumph and overthrow the bulwark of order and wellness which is our our clergy, that would be it for province of Quebec.  Communism must be regarded as public enemy No. 1.   Let’s show everyone that before this enemy, we will suffer neither compromise nor weakness or cowardice and we will be its worst enemies. […]

I ask the federal government and all parties in Ottawa to unite to establish in law the means to effectively combat the unhealthy ideas of communism. ”


Source: Maurice Duplessis, Débats de l’Assemblée législative du Québec sur la loi du Cadenas, 17 mars 1937.