Note: Bill 101 was passed on 26 August 1977 by Camille Laurin, the Parti Quebecois minister.

From the excerpts below, are you able to identify situations in your life where this law would apply?



1.  French is the official language of Québec.

2.  Every person has a right to have the civil administration, the health services and social services, the public utility enterprises, the professional orders, the associations of employees and all enterprises doing business in Québec communicate with him in French.

3.  In deliberative assembly, every person has a right to speak in French.

4. Workers have a right to carry on their activities in French.

5.  Consumers of goods and services have a right to be informed and served in French.

6.  Every person eligible for instruction in Québec has a right to receive that instruction in French.



Source:  Charter of the French Language, consulted Oct. 1, 2014 at