Made up of over 100 SMARTBoard tools for New France Cycle 2, the team at EMSB (Canjita Gomes and Imma Ienaro) employed original drawings and innovative teacher strategies.

These SMARTBoard tools and guide can be used as:

  • An introduction to the Program of Geography, History and Citizenship Education
  • A revision tool for themes 
  • A general revision tool for the Social Sciences programs as a whole
  • An example of the SMART Notebook technology supporting  the teaching of Geography, History & Citizenship

ENGLISH  Click image to download the teacher guide:


Click images to download the whole Notebook file, or one of the individual themes contained within.  PDF available

announcement-fwnotebook     announcement-fw-section-a   announcement-fw-section-b1-economics   announcement-fw-section-b2   announcement-fw-section-b3   announcement-fw-section-b4


FRANÇAIS:  Les versions françaises du guide et des fichiers Notebooks sont maintenant disponibles:


Téléchargez le fichier Notebook, ou l’un des thèmes individuels contenus dans.  version PDF 

announcement-fwnotebook   announcement-fw-section-a   announcement-fw-section-b1-economics   announcement-fw-section-b2 announcement-fw-section-b3   announcement-fw-section-b4