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1500s Big Ideas and Concepts Definition Cards


Are some of the words on the 1500s society pages new to you? Do you want to learn more about some of the concepts you’re learning about in class? We’ve created a list of definitions for all of the ‘big ideas’ or ‘concepts’ that are introduced on the 1500s pages and cards. You can access the definition document here. 

Looking for another way to learn and practice these words? We also created bilingual 1500’s definition cards.

Here is an example:


These cards are a great way to test your knowledge and your friends!  


Is there a word that’s new to you, but no definition card exists? Why not make one yourself! Making cards is a great way to teach others and yourself!

You can access a Google Slide document with all 1500s definition cards here.



We wanted to create materials to help you introduce new content. This is why we decided to create bilingual definition cards to accompany each one of the 1500s definitions.

You can access the Google Slides version of the definition cards here.

Once you open the slides document, you can make a copy and edit or create new cards to suit your specific context. Perhaps you could even have students help make new definition cards for words that are new to them!

The cards can be used as reminders or reference tools. They can also be printed and folded in half. Once folded, the cards can be used for games. The students could be shown the image and asked to create their own definitions for the words; a teacher or classmate could decide if their definition was accurate. The students could also be challenged to use the word in a sentence and/or explain how the word relates to what they learned about a society. There are so many possibilities!