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Identifying and Explaining Changes Board Game- Iroquoians around 1500 and 1745

We are happy to tell you about a new board game we’ve developed that focuses specifically on the « situate in time » and « determine changes » intellectual operations (IOs). It is designed for cycle 2 students who are working on exploring the changes that occurred to Iroquoian societies between 1500 and 1745. The game assumes that students have prior knowledge of the Iroquoian society during these time periods. 

Essentially, each turn players will draw a card which they will have to try to place correctly on the game board by time period and aspect. They get points for placing the cards on the board correctly. Once all of the cards have been placed correctly on the board, students must find pairs of cards that show how Iroquoian societies changed over time. Once they find a pair, they must try to explain the change and/or why it occurred for points. For example, the second card in a pair of cards below shows that the population declined between 1500 and 1745. 


The back of each 1745 card contains underlined text that can be used to check if the team’s explanation for the change is correct and expand their understanding. For example, here we see that wars for fur and deadly diseases were some of the reasons for the decline in population.

To learn more, check out the game instructions below. We recommend printing the game board on two sheets of paper 11′ x 17′ and then taping them together and printing the cards so that there are 4 per page OR selecting the 6 slides per page in your printer settings for the cards. This will ensure that the cards fit well on the game board. 

This game idea could be used to interpret other changes between different time periods or societies! Be creative and enjoy playing and learning!



Game Instructions


Google Slides version of cards

Score Sheet