Indigenous territories

In this activity, you will use Google My Maps technology to create a new map. You will pick one (or more) Indigenous communities that you would like to learn more about. Using satellite images and resources created by members of the community you are studying, you will explore how people have adapted to the territory they live in and ways that people have changed the territory to better suit their needs and wants.

This activity is for Elementary Cycle 3 and up. It focuses on the Establish Facts and Situate in Space Intellectual Operations.

This activity could also be done using Cartograf software.

Access the activity here. 


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This activity was originally created by l’équipe du RÉCIT univers social ( Access the original French document here.  Their Google Doc was accessed on October 29, 2023, then adapted and translated by the RÉCIT Provincial Service for the Anglophone Community, LEARN. on Nov. 7, 2023.