Are all needs essential?

  1. What are your needs? Using mind mapping software like Inspiration or FreeMind, word processing software or drawing software, make a list of what you absolutely need. You can then classify these needs using Maslow’s pyramid and illustrate them using images available in your software or from Google Images.
    • Inspiration :
    • Freemind :
    • Google :
    • Document de la pyramide des besoins de Maslow  Download 
  2. If you were lost in the woods, what would you need?
  3. What would you need if you were living a long time ago
  4. Compare your list of needs with those of the rest of the class.

What’s wrong with this picture

Can you identify eight anachronisms in this photo? Once you have found them all, associate each anachronism with a need in Maslow’s pyramid.

Identify the anachronisms using drawing tools in your word processing or drawing software.

  • What’s wrong with this picture

Whats-wrong-with-this-picture as Word Document