Below are various SMARTBoard Tools produced over the last few years by EMSB consultant Canjita Gomes for the LEARN community, and a couple more packages for Cycle 2 and 3 posted by the team at Eastern Townships School Board!

For many of these collections there are viewable PDF versions of the tools.

But if you want to manipulate the objects and write on the pages, download a trial of SMART’s Notebook software here.

New for fall 2017:

Grade 6 SMARTBoard Tools on 20th Century and Quiet Revolution

SMARTBoard tools for the Iroquois – Cycle 2 (Gr. 3)

SMARTBoard tools Cycle 2 (Gr. 4) First European Settlers: New France

SMARTBoard tools Cycle 3 (Gr.5) Times of Change series

Cycle 3 SMARTBoard by ETSB:  Canada/World 1905 and 1980