This elementary-level resource site is an English adaptation of the original RECITUS Sociétés et Territoires.  Now in an all-new phase of development, we are verifying and expanding existing image collections, creating and adding SMARTBoard activities, and most recently developing game-styled learning and review strategies.  Browse a few below, or visit the main Games, Game-based learning and Gamification page for how you can play and build games using the site.

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Teaching and Learning Tools

Teachers please visit the Learning Approaches (Older LES, Projects, Etc.) page for an overview of available teaching strategies and tools, and also navigate through the various sections in the Teacher Strategies menu at top right.  Some recent and key additions are also highlighted below:

Explora Board Game

Here’s a new board game design by Joelle Barbeau of Riverside School Board, to test your knowledge on a given society, in this case for New-France in 1745!  Inspired by games like FAUNA,  Joelle has adapted cards used in the original English version of Chronos (available here), Explora is a board game using playing cards and a timeline/map board that allows students to locate events and people in time and space.   Points are collected for each element in the game, making this a fun way to review a society and remind students of what they have learned throughout the year.  For access to detailed instructions, high-quality versions of cards you can print, and other tools like the board design and aspects definitions, visit the main Explora Game page here.

Cycle 2 card game: Review Societies and Connect the Facts!

Game setup

Teams amass points by identifying the societies portrayed on playing cards, by classifying the information according to the aspects, and by connecting documents to various concepts.  Over a hundred cards are being produced for Inca, Iroquoian and Algonquian societies, along with vocabulary words, and additional images and media.  This card game strategy could be used to review and remind students of the facts related to these societies.  Go to page

Chronos Timeline Game and Cards
Sample of an order 5-card timeline
Work  (and play!) with chronology in the social sciences.   Chronos, is a board game inspired by Timeline,  that features the 35+ events from the primary history program. Chronos stimulates motivation in your students and promotes collaborative work. Throughout the game, students must build timelines in a competitive context. At the same time, they have to validate hypotheses in order to situate the events in relation to each other. Variations of the game are also proposed.  The target audience for the game is the 3rd cycle of primary school.  Go to page

RECITUS:  Virtual Reality task comparing Inca and Iroquois

Sample task using Google Streetview VR and 360 views, as part of RECITUS workshop on  “La réalité virtuelle en univers social” “Elementary school students to discover and compare territories specific to Iroquoian and Incan societies. They must describe what they see in each landscape and associate them with the correct society. After having read a short documentary file taken from the Societies and Territories site, they interpret what they saw and compare the economy and the territory of the two societies.”  (Click here to open the task document and answer key)

SMARTBoard Tools Galore!
Various SMARTBoard Tools are available in different sections throughout this site.  They were produced over the last few years by EMSB consultant Canjita Gomes for the LEARN community, and a few new packages for Cycle 2 and 3 wree posted by the team at Eastern Townships School Board!  (Go to article)