Radio Stations
Radio stations remain a popular form of communication and amusement in Nunavik. There are local radio stations in each community. In addition to playing music, the radio often plays a vital role in keeping residents informed about community events, school closures, and other local news. If you listen to the radio in Nunavik you might hear elders’ storytelling, a community discussion about important issues, or even a radio bingo game. The radio broadcasts are often in Inuktitut, which helps promote the Inuktitut language, but you may also hear music and announcements in English or French.

You can now listen to the Kuujjuaq radio station online, here.

Internet services became available in Nunavik around 2004. Internet speeds in Nunavik tend to be slower than those in the south of Quebec and service can be sporadic. In 2021, the fastest internet plan offered in Nunavik by Tamaani is “up to 4 Mbps download speed”, while the average download speed across Canada is 171 Mbps (According to, June 28, 2021)

Cell Phones:
In 2020, cell phone services are still relatively new and limited in Nunavik. The majority of businesses and households still use landline phones.

Author: Text by LEARN Social Sciences, based on Kuujjuamuit, Tamaani, and Speedtest.

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