Algonquian circa 1500

This is our printing page for current “live” versions of cards for the Algonquian peoples, circa 1500.  These cards were originally used in the Connect the Facts Card game.  They may also be used in other available Gaming strategies.

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Google Drawings of all Cards:  
All the original Google Drawing versions of the circa 1500 cards used in this gaming strategy are also available here >>.
It is possible to “download” all cards this way but in our experience the quality is not as good as when you print this page.


Algonquians: Around 17000 people

Algonquians: Many languages, one source

Algonquians: A group of clans

Algonquians: nations and bands

Algonquians: Chief as orator

Algonquians: Chief and councils

Algonquians: Canoes for fast travel

Algonquians: Canoes for fast travel

Algonquians: Men roles: warriors

Algonquians: Large Northern Territory

Algonquians: Gathering

Algonquians: Gathering

Algonquians: Hunting provides many things

Algonquians: Fishing

Algonquian nomads: Disbanding to survive

Algonquians: Adapted clothing and objects

Algonquians: Hunting and fishing

Algonquians: Cold with hot summers

Algonquians: Wars between nations

Algonquians: Barter for other products

Algonquians: Man head of family

Algonquians: Oral Tradition

Algonquians: Archaeology & testimonies

Algonquians: Women equal but different work

Algonquians: Women equal but different work

Algonquians: Wigwam quick to setup and take down

Algonquians: Wigwam is a large dwelling

Algonquians: Mostly coniferous forests

Algonquians: Trade with other nations

Algonquians: No fixed homes

Algonquians: Men's roles as hunters and fishers