On this page, you will find most of our available teaching resources. We have organized them by cycle. Some resources are available via the main Elementary Social Sciences page on LEARN  (like organizers, icons, Cycle 1 resources and the MEES program documents).

If you are looking for resources pertaining to a specific society and/or time period, we have also added an educator’s corner at the bottom of the main page for each society section. These are the same resources listed below, but they are filtered by society instead of by cycle.

Finally, the below resources can also be accessed via the purple Educators tab in the top menu.


Cycle 2 Teacher Resources and Activities

Cycle 3 Teacher Resources and Activities

Game-based Learning 
Some of the above activities also function as games or involve game-based learning.  You can visit our dedicated section on Games, Game-based learning and Gamification   or browse what has been tagged below:


See also the older DEEN LES RESOURCE BANK projects:
The Seigneuries.  The students will gain an understanding of the societal and territorial changes involved in the establishment and conquest of New France.
Who Were the Incas?   The students will gain an understanding of Inca society and territory and will be able to compare this to what they have learned about Iroquois society.  
Changes in Society. The students will gain an understanding of how a society initially functions and gradually becomes more and more sophisticated by tracing the development of the seigniorial system in New France.


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