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Back to the Future: Quebec around 1980 Activity

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“Welcome to a thrilling adventure through Quebec’s past! You have been transported back in time to Quebec around 1980. Everything is exciting until you realized that your time machine broke. To return to the future, you will need to use your knowledge of Quebec society to solve puzzles, decode messages and unravel the mysteries of Quebec’s rich cultural heritage.”

Looking to get started? Here is a link to the adventure and a recording sheet to help you along the way!


We created this digital escape room-style activity for students to learn more about Quebec around 1980. The activity is made up of 7 short tasks that target the Establish Facts and Determine Changes IO’s for various aspects. 

This Teacher’s Guide contains instructions and other important information.  We also created this student recording sheet to support students as they complete the 7 activities that are hyperlinked to the corkboard image embedded in this Google Site.