New:  Societies images by RECITUS

Looking for characters for comic strips, timeline activities, or to map different nations and peoples throughout the world?  Check out the new image gallery entitled “LES PERSONNAGES DES SOCIÉTÉS on the original Sociétés et Territoires site!

Note that this new gallery of images is one of many new galleries available on the original RECITUS site at

Local Image Banks

Often we will make an image bank based on one of the various Societies on the site, or perhaps based on a resource package or Learning Scenario or Activity.  Usually, they are shared in the appropriate section.  You can also just search “Image bank” to find ones possibly not listed here. 


Icons and Badges!

We make tons of icons, and occasionally will get around to listing them here! 

The three Competency Icons are here

The Aspects icons used in Explora and Connections Between the Facts games are here and here.

Elementary Intellectual Operation Icons   
In a Word Document for  Evaluation of Learning in Elementary Social Sciences. Download  
And also Sophie Lussier of LBPSB’s French version. Download 

The LEARN I.O Icons as Large-sized printable I.O. iconsDownload EN   Download FR 

A fun Poster produced originally by Hélène La Branche of the CSHC. Download  

RECITUS Badge Guides Google Drive Folder
Copy the ones you need to edit and use!  
But note that the badge images themselves are available here in a separate folder.

Intellectual Operations in Daily Life ➦ which includes yet another iconography for the Intellectual Operations!