This month a few of the society main pages have sprouted a new resource that could allow students to use the content (texts, images, documents, etc.) on the S and T site to Establish Facts.  

Linked to from the main societies pages listed below (others to follow), you will find Google Slide versions of the site content.  In each slide, there are spaces for analyzing the documents found on each page of the site.  Then, using strategies found in one of the RECITUS I.O. Badge guides (specifically an Elementary version of Establish Facts here), we added instructions for highlighting “significant” and “revealing”  text elements, for categorizing facts in terms of the aspects, and for identifying and explaining how the documents illustrate the facts. 

Teachers note that there is a link to a blank version in the speaker notes, should you want students to paste in selected texts only, or use the slide documents in another way.

At the time of writing the following Google Slide versions are already available:


Iroquois in 1500 

Algonquians in 1500


Lower Canada in 1820

Quebec in 1905