Do you like playing Minecraft? Did you know you can use Minecraft Education to learn about many topics, including the Social Sciences?

Our RÉCITUS partners created an example of a seigneury in New France around 1745 that you can explore on Minecraft. You can add to this map and even create your own seigneury!

Talk to your teacher or guardian if you want to set up a Minecraft Education account. It may even be free if your school uses TEAMS!

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to teach about the organization of a seigneury in New France around 1745? This activity might be of interest to your students and you!

Minecraft Education allows students to explore and create their own worlds based on what they learn in school. Minecraft Education is currently available for free to all educators with Office 365 (TEAMS) accounts.

Our RÉCITUS partners created a Minecraft seigneury based on New France around 1745 and an accompanying student booklet that guides students towards creating their own Minecraft seigneury. We’ve translated and adapted the RÉCITUS work.

Here is a teacher’s Guide that explains the project (Teachers may need to request access). It contains links to Minecraft how-tos for educators and students alike.

Here is a student booklet that can be copied and adjusted to suit your specific learners and context.

Here is a link to the Minecraft Map.