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Explora Jeu et cartes en français ici

This is our printing page for current “live” versions of the Explora playing cards.  
[There is a PDF version is here, but check file date and that all cards are there]

The best way to print is to first let the whole page load all the images.
(Grab a coffee because these images are large; it should take minutes to load!)  
Then use Safari or Microsoft Explorer or Edge to print to your printer, testing with one page only.  

Print in colour or black and white, to regular paper when you are laminating them after.
Print on harder-stock paper when not laminating.
Try to keep the fold between the back and front uncut, so they don’t separate in the process!
Note: These cards are not necessarily in any order!


Jacques Cartier meets Donnacona

1729-1748 Gille Hocquart

Jacques Cartier reaches land on his second voyage

Independence of a country

Guy Carleton arrives as second governor

Robert Bourassa elected Premier of Quebec

Opening of new road, Chemin du Roy

Papineau elected as speaker of the assembly

British North America Act

Honoré Mercier elected Premier of his province

St. Lawrence Seaway is inaugurated

Election of Jean Lesage

John Cabot on his first voyage

Jacque Cartiers winters

Jacque Cartiers lands on his third voyage

Jacques Cartier third voyage

1608 Champlain founds new city

1665 Régiment de Carignan Salières

1634 Laviolette Founder of a city

1534 Jacques Cartier claims land for France

1642 Maisonneuve founder of a city

1642 Jeanne Mance co-founder of a city

1659 Francois Montmorency de Laval arrives in Quebec

1663 Arrival of the Filles du Roy

1665 Jean Talon arrives in Nouvelle-France

1690 Frontenac Governor of New France

1763 James Murray - First British Governor

1701 Great Peace of Montreal

1492 Columbus

1760 Capitulation of Montreal

1792 First Legislative Assembly

1960 Quiet Revolution

1976 Parti Quebecois (Rene Levesque) wins elections

1977 Bill 101 Charter of the French language adopted