Inca circa 1500

This is our printing page for current “live” versions of cards for the Incan peoples, circa 1500.  These cards were originally used in the Connect the Facts Card game.  They may also be used in other available Gaming strategies.

Notes:  The best way to print is to first let the whole page load all the images.  (Grab a coffee, because these images are large!)  Then use Safari or Microsoft Explorer/Edge and print to your printer, testing with one page only at first.  They should print two cards per page at around 3 or 4 inches high.  You can try Chrome but might need to alter settings to get good printouts.

Print in colour or black and white to regular paper when laminating.
Print on harder stock paper when not laminating.
Do not cut the fold between the back and front you use, so they don’t separate and get misplaced!

Google Drawings of all Cards:  
All the original Google Drawing versions of the circa 1500 cards used in this gaming strategy are also available here >>.
It is possible to “download” all cards this way but in our experience the quality is not as good as when you print this page.

Inca: 8 million people

Inca: Climate and vegetation

Inca: Many communities

Inca: Large territory on west coast

Inca: Large territory on west coast 2

Inca: The llama and alpaca

Inca: Gold, silver, copper

Inca: Commerce and crafts

Inca: Men role as workers

Inca: A shared land

Inca: Crops they harvested

Inca: Commerce and crafts

Inca: Virgins in the sun

Inca: Temple to sun god

Inca: Priests

Inca: Nobles

Inca: Hierarchical society

Inca: Mothers were important

Inca: Inheritance vs power

Inca: Men head of families

Inca: Women role as workers

Inca: Commerce and crafts

Inca:Terrace farming

Inca: Terrace farming