Iroquoians circa 1745

This is our printing page for current “live” versions of cards for the Iroquoian peoples, circa 1745.  Designs for these cards were originally used in the Connect the Facts Card game.  However, they will also be used in other available Gaming strategies. related to Intellectual Operations like “Continuity and Change”.

Notes:  The best way to print is to first let the whole page load all the images.  (Grab a coffee because these images are large!)  Then use Safari or Microsoft Explorer/Edge and print to your printer, testing with one page only at first.  They should print two cards per page at around 3 or 4 inches high.  If you are using Chrome/Firefox or would just like a PDF, you might be better trying a site like

Print in colour or black and white to regular paper when laminating.
Print on harder stock paper when not laminating.
Do not cut the fold between the back and front you use, so they don’t separate and get misplaced!


Smaller & Divided Lands

European Settlement

Missing & Scattered Nations

Villages in St. Lawrence Valley

Iroquois 1745: Wars for furs and prisoners

Iroquois 1745: Down to 12000 people

Iroquois 1745: Deadly diseases

Kondiaronk and Great Peace

Iroquois 1745: Daily Life: The Iroquois Villages (Daily Life, Sedentary)

Iroquois 1745: Daily Life: The Huron of Jeune-Lorette (Daily Life, Sedentary)

Iroquois 1745: Daily Life: Life Made Easier by Trade (barter, resources, economic activities)

Iroquois 1745: Social Groups: Role of Men and Women (Division of Labour, Social Structure )

Iroquois 1745: Social Groups: Missionaries (Animism, Spirituality, )

Iroquois 1745: Social Groups: Coureurs de Bois and Traders (Barter, Economic Activities )

Iroquois 1745:Language, Culture & Religion: Language (Dialect)

Iroquois 1745: Language, Culture & Religion: Catholics in the St. Lawrence Valley (Animism, Indigenous Spirituality, Spirituality)

Iroquois 1745: Agriculture, Commerce & Industry: Economic Middlemen (Barter, Economic Activities, Trade)

Iroquois 1745: Transportation & Communication (Transportation routes, Barter)

Iroquois 1745: Government: The Same Organization, New Relations (Political Structure, Power Structure)

Iroquois 1745:

Iroquois 1745:

Iroquois 1745:

Iroquois 1745:

Iroquois 1745:

Iroquois 1745:

Iroquois 1745: