Iroquoian circa 1500 cards

This WAS our printing page for current “live” versions of cards for the Iroquoian peoples, circa 1500.  It WAS used to print cards used in the Connect the Facts Card game.  They may also be used in other available Gaming strategies.


The key to get the highest quality when printing cards (to be able to read QR codes effectively) is essentially to print directly from a card, OR from a PDF of the card.  To allow for an easier process we have moved all the Iroquois cards to a single Google Slide deck!  

You might be able to click to print the slide deck and achieve the size you want.  You need to be able to print more than one card per page, such that the cards are shrunk in size to a reasonable size.  What we have found works better is to first “Download” the whole deck “as a PDF”.  From there you might have more options for printing, and we could print 2 cards per page (in “layout” settings for your printer) such that the card sizes were reasonable.  Then we could cut and fold and laminate useable versions.

Click to view the Google Slide deck in a separate window!


Google Slides and Drawings of all the 1500 year Cards:  
All the original Google Drawing versions of the circa 1500 cards used in this gaming strategy are also available here >>.
It is possible to “download” all cards this way but in our experience the quality is not as good as when you print this page.