Students These task cards are a way to learn and review information about different aspects of Quebec society around 1980.
It is 1645. You are asked to report to the King of France about the development of New France. As
We recently translated these synthesis placemats that RÉCITUS created. They are an excellent way for students to track what they
This Google Slides presentation contains three templates to compare documents about societies and territories. There is one template for each
Students: Are you investigating changes to Quebec society around 1905 and 1980? Here is a slide deck to get you
Students: "Welcome to a thrilling adventure through Quebec's past! You have been transported back in time to Quebec around 1980.
STUDENTS Interactive timelines are a fun way to showcase what you’ve learned about different societies and territories. You can make
Want offline access to the photos and text from the South Africa around the 1980s section of our website?  Here
New: Game Challenge – Can you tell what has changed? – New France 1645 -1745          
Looking for a fun way to begin learning or review information about the Prairies around 1905? Check out this quick I-spy