The territory inhabited by the Algonquians was very large. It stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains. Most of the inhabitants lived in the coastal regions of the Atlantic Ocean and Hudson Bay, and in the regions surrounding Iroquoia. Most of this territory was forested, but some regions were more mountainous. The territories inhabited by the Algonquian people were quite cold but those who lived further south enjoyed fairly hot summers.

The Canadian Shield

Most of the Algonquian nations lived in the region known as the Canadian Shield. Farming was difficult in this region because it was covered with rock and forests. So the Algonquian people ate game animals, which means animals they hunted, such as hare or partridge which is a kind of bird.  These they could easily find in the forest.  They also ate the fish which filled the many lakes and rivers of the Canadian Shield.

The climate

As can be seen on the map, the Algonquian speaking peoples who were further south lived in a humid continental climate where the winters are shorter.  Those who lived a little further north had a subarctic climate where the winters are much longer and colder.

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Important concepts & Big ideas

Territory – Territoire
Boreal forest – La forêt boréale
Climate – Climat
Continental climate – Climat continental
Subarctic climate – Climat subarctique


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