Hunting and fishing
To feed themselves, the Algonquians relied on the resources of the forests, lakes and rivers on their territory. In the forests, they could hunt big game like moose, caribou and black bear. They could also find smaller game such as hare, beaver, squirrel, raccoon, and partridge. In the many lakes and rivers that surrounded them, the Algonquians fished for trout, pike, carp and salmon.

The forest was overflowing with plants, fruits and vegetables that served as food, spices and medicine. For example, the Algonquian people used wild leek and cattail to make remedies. In the forest, they also picked fruit like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

The types of forests
Most of the Algonquian territory was covered by boreal forest, which mostly contains conifers (fir, spruce, etc.). Those who lived further north were surrounded by a subarctic forest, which was made up of small conifers that were spaced further apart. The Algonquians used wood and bark to build wigwams.

Author: Alexandre Lanoix  

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