In most Nations that were part of the Algonquian language family, all members were equal. That means women were full members of the tribe and played an important role in the band’s life. Among the Algonquians, men and women had their own separate tasks. It was very rare for a woman to do a man’s work and vice versa.

Women’s tasks

In general, Algonquian women took care of everything that concerned the camp. They built dwellings, collected firewood and stored the food. They also made clothes and gathered wild fruit. When a tribe moved, the women carried the bags so that men could go hunting at a moment’s notice if they spotted any interesting prey.

Author: Alexandre Lanoix

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Important concepts and big ideas:

Patrilineal society – Société paritaire
Division of labour – Division du travail
Resources – Ressources
Social Structure – Structure sociale
Nomad – Nomad
Trade Network – réseau de échanges
Habitation – Habitation

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