My name is Huayna Capac and I am the Sapa Inca. I live in Cuzco, the capital of my empire. In Cuzco, we have built several large buildings like fortresses, temples and palaces, using a material that is found all around us: the stone from the mountains. We used large stones that we cut and polished to make the walls of these buildings. The stones are so well cut and placed that the walls are very solid almost perfect. These large stone buildings are the pride of my empire!

Brick houses

The people of my empire also build very strong houses. These homes are made of four brick walls and the roof is made of bamboo or straw. They have only one door and a few windows. Thanks to the thick brick walls, the temperature inside the house remains relatively constant, even if the outside temperature varies greatly. The people build strong homes because they are sedentary and always live in the same place.

Author: Alexandre Lanoix

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