“The Incas followed a strict social hierarchy system and according to this system, there were 4 main levels which were the Sapa Inca, The Royalty, the Nobility and the Ayllu.”

“Below the Royalty came the nobility which was the class of people who acted as leaders to govern over the rest of the Incas population. The nobles were also respected people who had certain privileges and enjoyed many freedoms. For example, these people were not required to pay taxes and also received gifts from others.”

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“It was easy to tell if someone was a royal or a nobleman. When a royal or a nobleman was just a small child, a board would be strapped to their head. This would force the top of their head to grow almost to a point. This was the symbol of nobility, including the reigning royal family (wives and sons of the Sapa Inca).”

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Important concepts and big ideas:

Power structure – Structure du pouvoir
Hierarchical society – Société hiérarchique

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