The territory’s resources

The Inca territory had many resources that were very useful for the people and the empire. For example, in the mines there were several precious metals like gold, silver and copper that the Incas used to decorate their temples.

Climate and vegetation

The climate is almost always hot, but it varies from region to region, as does the vegetation. In the mountains, the days are hot and the nights are cold. There are not many trees. It is very different from the Amazon forest where it is very hot and humid, and where there are many species of plants.

The llama and the alpaca

The llama and alpaca are two animals that live in the Andean region. They are very similar and belong to the same family as the camel. The llama and alpaca were very important animals for the Incas who used them for transportation and farming. They also used their wool for weaving clothes.

Author: Alexandre Lanoix




Important concepts and big ideas:

Adapt to the environment – S’adapter à l’environnement (Adapt to the climate, territory, region, etc.)
Resources – Ressources
Rich in resources – Riche en ressources
Empire – Empire (Expansive or large Empire)

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