Around 2020, climate change is impacting territory across the globe. This is particularly true in the northern hemisphere, where permafrost is common. In Nunavik, changes in the amount of permafrost can affect transport and infrastructure. Global warming has led to less permafrost, causing softer ground. Melting permafrost has damaged buildings, roads, and land structures in Nunavik. 

Global warming can also impact animals and vegetation. More trees and shrubs are growing in some northern regions because of warmer temperatures.

Author:  Text by LEARN Social Sciences, based on Nunatsiaq News reports ( Nunavik landslide 2nd largest recorded in Quebec history and Melting permafrost damages buildings in Inukjuak) and the articles (Recent expansion of erect shrubs in the Low Arctic: evidence from Eastern Nunavik and Impacts of permafrost degradation on a road embankment at Umiujaq in Nunavik (Quebec), Canada)

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