Life in Nunavik in 2020 is much different than it was in 1980. Many communities now have youth houses where kids and teenagers can go after school to hang out with their friends and participate in various activities. In Kuujjuaq, there is a cinema at the town hall which shows movies. There are also two school libraries that are now open to the public; one in Kuujjuaq and another in Puvirnituq.

Hockey is a popular after-school activity for children and teens. Some communities also have pools with greenhouse domes that youth enjoy during the warmer months.

In the summer, some children and teens attend summer camps that are offered in their communities or on the territory. Many also enjoy playing at playgrounds.

Internet services became available in Nunavik around 2004. While internet speeds in Nunavik are still much slower than those in the south, Inuit youth and adults now have access to the internet. In 2020, cell phone services are still relatively new and limited in Nunavik.

Author: Text by LEARN Social Sciences.

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