Thomassie Mangiok is an educator and artist. Thomassie lives in Ivujivik. In 2021, he works as the vice-principal and centre director of Nuvviti School. Thomassie has developed short films, comic books, apps, and other educational materials that reflect Inuit culture and help youth learn Inuktitut. He also designed the Nunavik flag, which now hangs proudly across the region.

In 2020, Thomassie worked with Grilled Cheese magazine and other collaborators to produce a tri-lingual magazine that featured text and articles based on northern realities. Copies of the magazine were distributed throughout Nunavik to promote literacy in the region. Thomassie also released the first Inuit board game, Nunami, in 2020. It is a strategy game where players can be either nature or human. The focus of the game is exploring and players must learn to work together, as nature and human beings. The game is available for purchase in stores across Nunavik, as well as online.

Author: Text by LEARN Social Sciences, based on text by the Nunatsiaq News, Radio Canada News, and the Inuit Art Foundation. Text was approved by Thomassie Mangiok prior to posting. 

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