While many Inuit continue to travel to the south to access post-secondary education, there has been an effort to increase the amount of school and training opportunities available in Nunavik communities. In 2020, there are now adult education programs and some vocational programs at adult education centers in the region.

There are still no universities in Nunavik. It is possible for residents to enroll in online university courses, but the slow internet speed makes it difficult to complete these courses. While Nunavik youth are able to attend any program they choose, many graduates from Nunavik decide to attend John Abbor College or College Montmorency because there are school board representatives and other students from Nunavik at these colleges who are able to support them while they adapt to life and school in southern Quebec.

Kativik School Board has partnered with universities to offer specialized programs to Nunavik Inuit who wish to become certified teachers. This program helps to increase the number of certified Inuit teachers in Nunavik schools.

There is also a midwife program in the region so that individuals can train and become certified midwives without having to leave Nunavik.

Author: Text by LEARN Social Sciences, based on the Kativik Ilisarniliriniq School Board and Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services websites.

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