When it came to making clothes, animal leather and fur were very useful for the Iroquoian people. Deerskin was particularly popular because it is soft, but also strong and more waterproof than other animal skins. The men hunted the animals while the women prepared the skins and made the clothes. They decorated them with beads or embroidered designs using porcupine quills and moose hair.


In the summer, Iroquoian clothing was light. The men wore a loincloth or a long sleeveless shirt that went down to the thighs, while the women wore a dress or skirt. People went barefoot or wore short moccasins made of braided corn husks or skins that had already been worn so that they were softer.


When the cold weather came, the Iroquoian people covered their legs and wrapped their bodies in a big, warm fur cape. Their winter moccasins were taller and stuffed with fur to make them warmer.

Author: Service national du Récit de l’univers social

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