Born in England in 1763, John Molson was a businessman, landowner, militia officer and politician.
At the age of eight, young John found himself an orphan. In 1782, at age of 18, he immigrated to Montréal and started working in business with friends. He started out in the meat trade before eventually working in a brewery, where he quickly became the owner. This is how he began making beer. At the time, beer was one of the favourite beverages among the English.

Molson was also a man who liked new inventions.

In 1809, Molson decided to build a steamboat, which was a huge novelty at the time. Imagine: a boat that could travel without needing wind or oars to propel it! It was unthinkable at the time! In 1809, the Accommodation made its maiden voyage between Montréal and Québec City. Molson then went on to own an entire fleet of ships for trade. His business became very big. He also got involved in politics.

Upon his death in January 1836, John Molson was one of the most important businessmen in Lower Canada. Now when you hear people talk about Molson, you’ll know who he was.

Author: Service national du Récit de l’univers social

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