Note: The fur trade was very important in New France. Indigenous hunters trapped beaver and sold its fur to the Europeans in exchange for products. Here is a list of prices from that time:

Excerpt: Example of a price list (1665)

1 white Normandy blanket6 beavers
1 gun6 beavers
1 barrel of corn6 beavers
1 ratine blanket14 beavers
1 Iroquois-style blanket3 beavers
1 large capot23 beavers
1 medium capot2 beavers
1 small capot1 beaver

1 Fabric

2 A capot is a coat or cape that usually has a hood.

Author: Nos Racines, #7, Montréal, Éditions T.L.M., 1979, p. 135.