Hello, my name is Anne Julien and I am on my way to New France with many other girls. Like me, most of my boat mates were born in the regions of Paris, and most of us are orphans. Our good king is sending us to the colony to find a husband. That is why we are called the “Filles du roi” (the king’s daughters). He has paid for our transportation and has even provided us with a dowry, which is a sum of money given as a wedding gift.

When we arrive at Québec between 1663 and 1673, the nuns will take care of us until we get married. There are so many unmarried men in New France that I will have plenty to choose from. Jean Talon, the intendant, hopes these marriages will increase the number of families and children. […]

Here I am, one year later. I have married the brave Nicolas Choquette. He is a former soldier who became a farmer. I know that the work will be difficult, but I am determined to stay in New France and start a large family. We have settled in the seigneury of Varennes and we have just finished building our first home. Our first son has just been born.

Author:  Service national du Récit de l’univers social

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