1749, Pehr Kalm, Swedish naturalist:

Some houses in the town are built of stone; most are made of timber but are very elegantly built. The best houses have a door facing the street, with a seat on either side of the door, where one can sit down to chat and recreate, morning and evening. The main streets are straight and wide and dissected by smaller streets at right angles. Some streets are paved with cobblestones, but this is the exception. The city has many gates: to the east, on the side of the river, there are five, two large and three small, and on the other side there are several as well.

Every Friday is market day, and farmers come to town with provisions, which are quickly exhausted, as it is the only market day of the week. Also, on Fridays, many Indigenous Peoples come to sell and buy products



Can you draw an outline of Montréal around 1749, based in Pehr Kalm’s text?



Timber = Wood prepared for use in building and carpentry.

To recreate = To relax, to enjoy oneself with a diversion of some sort.

Cobblestones = Small, round stones formerly used to cover road surfaces.