Note: The industrialization of Montreal meant that there were many more industries but it also created problems. What problem is referred to in the following extract and what solution was proposed?


“Whereas, in view of the rapid development of the city of Montreal is in the public interest that a commission be appointed to study the best ways to create a system of parks, golf fun, boulevards, improved roads;

Whereas the idea of ​​such a commission would be useful and beneficial for the future government, the neighborhood of Montreal and the province;

The population growth of the population of the city is very rapid, and approaches like this are absolutely necessary. Working class mothers and their children have very little space in some districts of the city, and the opening of parks and recreation areas is necessary to give them the chance to breathe clean air. Now that some new municipalities have been annexed, things are simplified, and the work of the commission is easier. The earlier preliminary steps are taken, the better because delays will result in additional expenses for the project. The commission has studied the issue, taking into account other cities, and suggestions they offered were well received. ”

Source of extract: Free translation of Débats de l’Assemblée nationale, 11 mai 1910.!524