Note: In Quebec, the Catholic Church was vehemently opposed to the right of women to vote.  The following are some if its arguments: 


“We are not in favour of female suffrage:

1) Because it goes against the unity of the family and its hierarchy

2) Because the exercise exposes women to all the passions and all the adventures of electioneering

3) Because, in fact, it appears that women in the province do not want it

4) Because the social, economic, hygienic reforms, etc.. that are being proposed to advocate the right of suffrage for women can also be obtained through the influence of women’s organizations on politics

We believe to express the common sense of the bishops of the province.”

Source of extract: Free translation ofJ.M. Rodrigue Cardinal Villeneuve, O.M.I., Archevêque de Quebec, 20 février 1940. Cité dans Francine Fournier, « Les femmes et la vie politique au Quebec »,Les femmes dans la société québécoise, Montréal, Boréal, 1977, p.181.