Note: In 1918, the federal government granted women the right to vote. Henri Bourassa, like many men of his generation, was against this initiative. He clearly expresses this in the following article. Why was Henri Bourassa against the right of women to vote?


The right to vote-the battle of the sexes- will we allow ourselves to humiliate our women?

The main role of a woman is and will remain-regardless of what suffragettes may say, do or not do-motherhood,  holy and fruitful motherhood, which makes a woman equal and in some ways superior to a man. Motherhood necessarily excludes heavy tasks-military service, for example- and public service. If we must speak about “rights” and “privileges” I would have to say that motherhood gives a woman the “right” and “privilege” to be neither a soldier nor a voter.”

“Our politicians have sabotaged enough things; they have shaken the very foundations of public order, broken with enough national traditions. Are we, without a word, to enable them to attack the sanctity of our homes, the very dignity of our women? ”

Source of extract:  Free translation of Le Devoir, 30 mars 1918, p. 1.