Note: At the beginning of the 20th century, there was an enormous gap between the salaries of men and women doing the same work. According to the following extract, why did the government consider raising the minimum wage for women? 


Mr. Francoeur (Montreal-Dorion):  “The Commission should investigate the increasing numbers of women in all areas, which has the effect of removing the jobs from fathers. It also follows that employers in order to pay less, employ women over fathers or are authorized to pay  men less because women’s wages are generally lower than those of men because women produce less. There is an abnormal situation that must certainly be addressed. I suggest that the Commission assume the powers to investigate this situation.”
The Honorable Mr. Arcand (Maisonneuve): “The powers of the Commission are limited to wages, but when employers are required to pay women reasonable wages, perhaps they will prefer to hire men.”



Source de l’extract: Free translation of Débats de l’Assemblée nationale, 11 février 1932,