In 1980, communication between people was a lot easier than it had been in 1905. First, almost every Quebec household had a telephone. As a result, it was very easy to contact other people throughout the world, provided they had a phone! Telephone connections were now direct, and there was no need to contact a telephone operator to make a call.

New technologies

There was a new device, a pager, which allowed the wearer to receive a message anywhere and at any time. Those wishing to leave a message simply called a phone number and the little camera took a digital message, or phone number of the person who wanted to be called back. Calls were returned when it was convenient. This device was practical. 

Source: Archives de Radio-Canada, Une classe d’informatique en 1971, 18 décembre 1971.

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Technologies of the future

During the 1990s and 2000, there were two new forms of technology that greatly accelerated communication between people: cell phones and the Internet. Thanks to the cell phone, it was possible to reach people wherever they were. The Internet and computers also allowed for faster communication thanks to the speed and efficiency of email. They also allowed access to a variety of sites that offered all types of information. Today we can shop online and even watch some of our favourite television shows. However, in 1980, these communication tools were not yet developed enough to be accessible for everyone. Only a few people who were ahead of their time actually had cell phones when they first went on sale in 1987. It would take ten years for the Internet to make its way into universities…

Author:  Alexandre Lanoix

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