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What is the opinion of Pierre Elliot Trudeau on Quebec’s place in Canada?   Does he think that Canada should be a separate country or could it remain in Canada?



“Wanting to live together as Canadians, that does not mean to somehow uproot us from our corner of the world and give up our cultural identity.  In the words of Emmanuel Mounier: “We all have several small nationalities under the greater nationality” and in this sense, one can be authentically Québécois, Newfoundlander or Albertan, while still being true Canadian.  This miracle of economic and cultural sharing, in compliance with multiple affiliations of citizens, it is federalism that allowed us and still allows us to accomplish it.


It is our responsibility as Canadians to show once more to humanity that we are not the last ones colonized on earth, but the first freed from the old world of nation-states. ”



Source: André Burelle, Pierre Elliott Trudeau : l’intellectuel et le politique : témoignage et archives personnelles d’un conseiller du premier ministre Trudeau, Montréal, Fides, 2005, p. 51.