Indigenous Peoples were coming into contact with the Europeans more and more often and for all sorts of reasons. These contacts gradually changed the lifestyles of Indigenous Peoples.

Coureurs de bois and traders

The coureurs de bois and traders had an impact on the lives of Indigenous Peoples because they were at the centre of the fur trade, the main economic activity at the time. They encouraged Indigenous Peoples to provide them with more and more furs in exchange for European goods like muskets, knives and alcohol.

Rather than hunting to meet their needs, Indigenous Peoples started to overhunt to acquire European products. Over time, they became more dependant on bartering with the Europeans.


The missionaries had been trying to convert Indigenous Peoples to Catholicism ever since their arrival in America. By 1745, they had converted many Indigenous Peoples and were housing them in reductions where Indigenous Peoples increasingly adopted a European way of life. This change was very significant because Indigenous Peoples were gradually abandoning their traditional spiritual beliefs and other customs.

Author: Alexandre Lanoix. Adaptations by LEARN.

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