There was certainly no lack of entertainment and recreation in British Columbia. In cities like Vancouver and Victoria, there were parks where people could go for walks. The more affluent could also go to the theatre to see plays or listen to musicians playing classical music. However, this remote province had one particularly unique recreational activity: exploring the forests and mountains.

People took great pleasure in going for walks in the mountains. A regular transportation service would even take people to the Capilano River, which was a favourite site for walkers. People went there to relax, do some sport fishing and visit the canyons. This place attracted many nature lovers.

Huge trees served as foot bridges that allowed people to get around easily. In 1905, a group of outdoor enthusiasts founded a mountaineering club. Even women took up this sport that today we would call “extreme.” Oddly, once people were in the mountains, they were all equals. The social structure based on wealth no longer existed. Bankers rubbed shoulders with railway workers and nurses. Since most people worked on Saturday morning, tours would start in the afternoon so that everyone could participate. A reserve was even created to protect this beautiful site.

Author:  Service national du Récit de l’univers social

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