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Task Cards: Quebec Society around 1980

Ouebec society around 1980-Student Task Cards


These task cards are a way to learn and review information about different aspects of Quebec society around 1980. Each card has one task on it; they are less overwhelming than a full worksheet of questions. You can use the cards in a lot of different ways. For example, you could shuffle them and answer one daily at home or school. You could also use them to create your own games!

Here are the task cards.

We also made these sheets to record your answers. To use these sheets online, click on the file tab and then select the ‘make a copy’ button. This will generate your own version of the document that you can edit as you please! 


Task cards are versatile tools that can be used to teach and review content. These task cards focus on Competency One knowledge. The outline colour of the task cards corresponds to the aspect of society they relate to. The I.O. Badge guides are also contained on the cards.

The Teacher’s Guide contains activity inspiration and other useful information on how to use the task cards and student recording sheets in class. Here is an additional response guide that includes possible answers to the tasks. Students can use it as reference material for further review.