Ai [Hi!]

Qanuippit? (How are you?)

Elisapie uvunga (My name is Elisabeth). I’m Inuit and I live on the east coast of Ungava Bay in the village of Kangiqsualujjuaq, a word that means “bay.” There are only about 300 people living in my village.

There are about 40 houses and a few stores one of which is the cooperative. At the biggest village store, we can buy all kinds of things like snowmobiles, clothes and food. However, we don’t only eat store bought food. We also enjoy eating traditional foods like meat from seals and caribous.

I attend our new school that has a gym and a library. We have the same subjects like other Quebec schools like English and French, but we also learn our own language, Inuktitut. The village’s senior citizens often come to talk to us about what life used to be like, our culture and our legends.

I like sports like baseball.  In the winter, we go sliding, play hockey and ride our snowmobiles.  Many young people enjoy hockey, and tournaments are organized between Inuit villages. Every year, we can participate in traditional Inuit games. I have a friend who is very good at the one-footed high jump (jumping high on one foot to reach a target). People of all ages love the string game. The goal is to use string to represent the most complicated animal.

I love watching the caribou, going camping and fishing and hunting with my family. This summer I hope to go to the Inukjuak Song and Dance Festival. During the winter, there’s another snow sculpture festival.

I really love my village, and I hope to meet you someday. 
Atsunai (Bye for now!)


Author: Based on texts from the Récit de l’univers social.  Adapted with additions by LEARN.

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